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Harriet Wilde - UK

The delightful bedazzled, bejewelled floral designs from Harriet Wilde are in! If you love something that is feminine, flashy and unique, then The White Collection is very proud to present our range of Harriet Wilde hair accessories to you today! The Harriet Wilde brand is one of the most sought after wedding fashion names in the United Kingdom. So if you want a piece of London glamour, then find your very own Harriet Wilde hair accessories here today!

Harriet Wilde hair accessories are fast becoming the most popular pieces in the UK wedding industry. Renowned for their subtle femininity, sparkling fun and creative flair, there’s simply nothing else quite like it. If you have an idea of how you want your ideal wedding will look, then it’s easy to bring your idea to life with Harriet Wilde. Their divine elegance and unique flair is the perfect thing for women with modern and vintage tastes. Shop from the full range today.